A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Paul Gregory, software engineer, technologist, geek, nerd, gamer.

I'm a lifelong fan of all things technology, specialising in software engineering and architecture. I have a long career in this field, working with many great organisations, covering topics as diverse as film and TV special effects, mobile gaming, VR and insure-tech.

I have a particular passion for the blend between creative media and technology, and thrive on providing new and innovative solutions to enable and empower artistic people to create without boundaries.

I apply 30+ years of experience in the software industry, from engineer to CTO, working with some of the most talented people in the field, to design, plan and implement with an extremely high level of rigour and quality.


I believe strongly in an "engineering first" approach to software development, which means I consider every problem from the perspective of problem solving, agnostic to any language or framework considerations, planning only how to best solve the problem at a high level.

The benefit of this approach is that my experience can be applied to any situation, language choice, framework, services, are just tools not constraints.

I have experience with more than 40 different languages and development systems, and the freedom to choose the right tool for the job each time.

Mobile App Development

With expertise in both native and cross platform frameworks such as Flutter and React Native, I can bring your mobile app ideas to life across both Apple and Google platforms, and deliver a store ready solution.

Video Games

Having started my career in 1984 developing games for the 8bit home computers of the time and working through the video game revolution on platforms such as pre-smart mobile phones, PC's, consoles and smartphones, I can bring a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge to bear realising your gaming passion.

CGI & Visual Effects

I created the Aqsis renderer as a personal project, recreating Pixar's legendary Renderman rendering system, which led to my contribution to the book
Production Rendering : Design and Implementation.
I can use this insight and deep level understanding of 3D graphics and animation, to power your visual effects technology needs.

Web Applications

I have many years full-stack development experience in the most popular frameworks and languages, VueJS, React, Angular, Django, Node, ASP.NET and many more, as well as enterprise level systems design and management. I can bring this experience to bear on your web delivered project, whatever your specific needs.


Some of the projects and products I've worked on, professionally or as hobby/side projects.

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A few words from some of the people I've been fortunate enough to work alongside through my career.


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RetroRemakes Challenge : Wrap Up


Made it to the end! Quite the rollercoaster ride, I knew it was going to be a challenge, but it took a lot more than I had anticipated, despite some hiccups and close calls, I'm happy to say I managed to complete the challenge, delivering each game on time, sometimes only just, and making it through to the end.
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