Free Sudoku Screenshot
Free Sudoku

I sometimes enjoy a game of sudoku, just to pass the time, I’m not great at it, but hey. I tried loads of options on the iOS App Store, and found all to be lacking in some respect. Some were ad-heavy, which annoys me to the core, some were just really poorly implemented with (IMHO) a bad user experience design, others just tried to do too many things, and some were guilty of multiple of these crimes. I felt I could make one I enjoyed better, so I did, in a weekend.

It’s currently only available as a web app, but I’ll be releasing it for free, possibly ad-supported, just what it is, on iOS and Android stores soon.

It can generate random games roughly at three difficulty levels, but the generation algorithm is not particularly clever, so probably creates some rubbish games as well. It does create games that are solvable and only have a single solution. It has undo/redo, notes, and other tools that I deem useful when playing such as various row, column and box highlighting, remaining number counts etc.

Play the game here.