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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 9 Update 4


Finally got round to adding some graphics to replace the placeholder polygons for the player ship, limpet gun, fuel pod and power plant. All thanks to Kenny, his artwork packs include some very useful “parts” images, that make it really easy to mix and match bits to create different things, so I could mix parts from ships, enemies, rockets etc. to create the limpet gun, fuel pod and power plant. Also added another cool shader for the “plasma” effect on the power plant to add a bit of interest, that was fun. The fuel pod has some extra functionality, a green “proximity” indicator that lights up when the player’s ship is close enough to refuel, engaging the shield then starts the refuelling process, and a fuel gauge on the pod shows how much fuel is left in the pod.

Once that was all in place, spent some time on scanning through various sound effects to find suitable explosion, shooting sounds etc. all authors will be credited in the game, even though most of them are CC0, so credits are not necessary, it’s the right thing to do.

Need to add some more graphics for the Klystron Pod, got some thoughts on another custom shader for that, and the tractor beam, maybe another custom shader. Want to add some simple sounds for the refuelling. Then I can add the other planets and call this one done.