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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 5 Release


I’ve just released the month 5 challenge, Deathchase by Micromega. I found some time to add a tank as per the original, it remains at a fixed distance, and is quite hard to hit, as you have to time your rocket launch to take into account the distance to the target, but I feel that is in keeping with the original. I didn’t add a helicopter as I ran out of time and didn’t feel it brought a great deal to the game, it was harder to hit as you could only hit it when it was hovering close the the ground, but the tank is hard enough to hit to compensate for that.

I’ve tweaked the shooting a bit, feel there’s still a lot that could be improved there, as well as the movement and behaviour of the enemy bikes, but it’s playable, and somewhat in line with the difficulty level of the original IMHO, would love to get some feedback on what others think.

Another thing I didn’t get round to doing and might add if I get a chance to return to any of these in the future, is the range indicator on the bike console. Again, I don’t think it distracts from the game too much, and in fact you can hit the bikes when they aren’t at their minimum distance, but you have to be a pretty good shot to do that, so I’m ok with that.

Plan to the remainder of this month as a break from this challenge before starting the next one.