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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 5 Update 7


Last push now, almost done. Over the last couple of days I’ve added some polish, with sounds, SFX, and flow elements, such as a leaderboard and main menu. The leaderboard is, as usual, from my growing library of standard components and tools, so is common among all the RetroRemakes games, albeit with a different skin on each one.

Sounds, sourced from, include a cool futuristic engine sound from “wmquincy101” who I presume has worked on game audio before, as the single .wav file is well structured, with 4 “gear” progressions, each with a switch up aspect and a defined loop point, an engine start and engine stop section, and wmquincy101 kindly documents all the start/end/loop points to make it really easy to use in a game, kudos.

Added a simple main menu, and had a little fun using my very low poly biker enemy to create a background image, adding some motion blur and other post-processing in Blender’s compositor to hide just how low poly they are, yeah I know, cheating, but hey I’ve only got a month to do all this!

I added a speed indicator to the dashboard of the 3D model of the player’s bike, which I’m quite happy with, plan to add a “range” indicator alongside it before I’m done.

Had some fun making a big, multi-layered explosion particle system in Godot for when the player crashes into a tree, which you can see a few times in this video.

I’ve made a lot of tweaks to the way the rockets fire, in order to try to replicate better the shooting of the original, but it seems that in doing so I might have made it too difficult to aim, so will revisit that before the final release.

Hoping to release this week, way ahead of schedule, and get some well earned rest between my birthday and the end of the month before diving into the next one.