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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 5 Update 6


Finally got round to spending a little (very little 😁) time in Blender on a simple low-poly enemy model. Had some fun creating a very simplistic biker and rigged character, that I’ll hopefully be able to reuse, it’s pretty generic. You never see them up close, so this is more than adequate for the use case.

When I imported the model, I realised the current enemy was about 4m tall, oops, so had to extensively modify the scaling and distance calculations that control the enemy position and behaviour. Quite happy with how it has turned out, you can see a few examples of how the model looks in the video below.

Updated the flow with better transition between night/day and between sectors, added scoring to sector complete, $1000 as per original. Added bonus score for completing sector 8, and added difficulty increment by increasing the tree density for each higher level. Seems to work ok.

Just need to add the tank/helicopter, sounds and high scores now. Still convinced I can complete this one way ahead of schedule and hopefully have a bit of a rest before the next one. Famous last words. 😜