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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 5 Update 4


Progress continues, not as fast as I’d like, but progress all the same. Spent some time in Blender modelling a simple bike for the main character, quite pleased with how it looks, sticking with the low-poly style of the trees, with flat shading, as I like that style for this game (and it’s easier 😜).

I’ve started tweaking the gameplay a bit too, there is now an accelerate and brake option, so you can speed up which makes it much more challenging to navigate the trees. The enemies start more in the distance, and you catch up with them if you’re going fast enough and they slowly get closer, but never too close. Eventually I’ll make it so you can only shoot them when you’re in range, and at full speed, as per the original, but for now you can shoot them at any range, if you’re accurate enough.

I’m probably going to try to add a speed indicator to the bike’s dashboard, and perhaps a range indicator. I’ll be adding guns and some more detail to the bike over time. Need to model the enemies next.

For anyone interested, I have uploaded a test version to that is in development mode, so not publicly visible yet, if anyone wants to play, sent me a direct message on Facebook and I’ll send you the link.