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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 5 Update 3


Progress is pretty good on this one, it’s fun working entirely in 3D, it’s where I’m probably most comfortable.

After last month’s complexity, it’s relaxing to get back to something simpler and that requires less replication accuracy. I feel this game in particular is more about the fun gameplay than the accurate reproduction, so I’m aiming more to keep the general feel and intent of the game, while building something that I feel is fun to play. We’ll see how that works out.

I did some very basic modeling of low-poly trees in Blender, added an environment controls, so the sun moves in the sky as you turn, and the shadows follow, which anchors everything nicely.

Added some very basic enemies, simple geometry at the moment, just testing the logic and behaviour. They move semi-randomly, while attempting to stay generally in front of the player.

Added a simple gun to the player, and a destruction particle effect for the enemies. At the moment, the enemies just respawn after 3 seconds, and the game continues until you run into a tree.

I’ll be putting up an early test version at this stage soon, PM me on Facebook if you want to have a play.