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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 5 Update 2


After the rush last month to get in under the wire, I’m trying to be a little more diligent, committing at least a short amount of time each day where I can to keep things moving forward.

I’ve spent some time tweaking the way the controls work, added some subtle(?) camera tilt, a placeholder bike mesh, which also tilts as a bike would, and changed from the previous purely linear left/right movement to a proper turn approach, so the bike appears to change direction properly as it leans left and right through the forest. Not entirely happy with the motion yet, but it’s in the right direction, and feels good.

Added some basic Godot environment stuff, a simple procedural sky and ground, and some fog, and further enhanced the fog effect by fading in distant trees to avoid the ‘snapping’ effect when they appear in the distance. Unfortunately, for now, it has resulted in losing the shadows, need to work out the best way to get those back, but quite happy with the fading for now.

Collisions with the trees are detected, but not acted upon at the moment.