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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 5 Update 1


Having pushed my luck on the last one, Splat, delivering with literally less than 2 minutes to spare, I’ve decided to shuffle the remaining months around a bit to give me some respite. The next one was going to be a very challenging remake, it’s not been removed, just pushed to a later date when I hopefully will be less time-challenged.

So, jumping up the schedule this month is a classic Speccy game, Deathchase by MicroMega, released in 1983 (again!). Lost a lot of time on this one back in the day, great fun, really challenging and quite an achievement for the little old Speccy, good pace, “3D” graphics, of a sort, and fun action gameplay.

Not quite sure how I’m going to tackle this one, true to the original semi-3D, or full 3D, I’ll get into that over the next couple of days. I’m hoping the simple gameplay will make for a more relaxed month, with less pressure.

BTW: I have a lot more material for the previous game, Splat, thanks to Ian Andrew, including some fun anecdotes, that I’ll share in future posts about that particular game as I get time, watch for updates.