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RetroRemakes Challenge : Month 1 Day 20


Day20: Been away from the project for a bit, busy with real life stuff. Finally got some time today to return to it. Spent some time refactoring the code in various places, mainly around the board, tile and spark. Generally following good OO practices, reducing leakage, moving logic into the right classes, so things need to know as little as possible about other elements in the scene, and take care of what they are responsible for in a clean and disconnected way.

I moved the trace following code out of the tile, and into the spark, then elevated it to a more generic class that represents the bevaviour of any object that can follow the traces on a tile, so that it can be reused for the water droplet. The tile is still responsible for managing the traces and the routes but it now communicates the route details to the trace follower so that it can take care of moving itself along the route and communicating back up when it reaches the end of the route. The board is now only responsible for handling the switchover bewtween tiles when a trace follower exits a tile, as it is the only object that has information about the neighbourhood of the tiles, and can therefore determine where the trace follower moves to next.

Game flow logic has been elevated out of the board, to a common game controller class that manages things like level completed and failed, etc.

Water droplets have been added, and are now included in the level definition. Any number of water droplets can be added to a level, with starting tile coordinates and starting side. When a water droplet touches the spark, it extinguishes it, leaving behind a jet of steam, and taking away a life.

The game is now almost playable, I need to implement the bonus level logic, and then I’ll upload it and make it available for beta testing invites.