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RetroRemakes Challenge


Photo By Bill Bertram - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

A short while ago I began planning for a game creation challenge I’d set myself, I planned to create a game a month for 12 months. I have been working on game ideas for the challenge, and then had an epiphany. In honour of the 40 year anniversary of our most favourite little computer that could, I’m changing things up a bit. I will “remake” a Spectrum game a month for a year.

Each game will be an homage to the original, not a pixel-perfect copy, adding modern features, enhancing graphics and sound, but staying true to the game’s design as much as possible. The games will be PC remakes, in fact, they’ll be web based, and most likely using Godot as the core engine.

I’m confident I can build at least a taster in one month for most Spectrum games, but it may not be possible to completely recreate the game in that timeframe, including all levels, depending on the complexity and the amount of data rebuilding required.

I have gathered a list of suggestions from Spectrum fans on Facebook and other social sites, and am currently processing the list to find 12 suitable candidates. Each month I’ll announce the title I’ll be building here and on social media, and post periodically with updates and progress.