Collaborative, Online, Music Suite

What is WeTracker

WeTracker is an online music creation suite in the vein of music trackers, such as SoundTracker, FastTracker2 and the like.


Currently very much work in progress, early in development. Feel free to stop by the github project and give me some feedback, ideas and suggestions welcome. Contributions are also welcome, just clone and submit a pull request. I’m always keen to get enhancement requests or bug reports, just add an issue to the github project, follow the guidelines in the template when you create a new issue to get the best chance of a response.

I’m very keen to hear from any tracker musicians who might be interested in collaborating to make WeTracker a powerful online tracker solution, contact me if you’re interested.


The current development status is being deployed to a test server on Heroku. I’ll update this periodically as new worthwhile functionality becomes available.

WeTracker Demo

Try loading some songs from Modland.com to test it out, many work, some don’t. If you find one that doesn’t let me know and I’ll add it to the test list to be reviewed.

Read the docs for usage details and guides.